Personal injury cases can involve a lot of heartache and grief.  If you think you have a claim, it is important to seek legal advice just as soon as you suffer harm.  If you delay or get distracted your claim can be defeated by laws called statutes of limitations.

A statute of limitations sets the maximum time after an event has occurred within which legal proceedings can be initiated.  You should never wait too long before consulting a lawyer if you believe you have a personal injury claim, as you could be forced to bear the cost of your injuries alone and be deprived of justice.

Statutes of limitations were originally passed to get people to resolve their disputes more quickly. Nowadays they often operate unfairly and arbitrarily to limit the amount of money that can be recovered by deserving plaintiffs, particularly in cases against the government.  Did you know that if you are injured by the government in New York State you may have only three months to file a claim? The reality is the government just wants to save itself money—by not paying you the recovery you deserve!

The government maintains roads, utilities, and many buildings.  It also runs public transportation and many other services.  It has so many different functions in our society that it can be implicated in a personal injury claim even when its involvement is not clear at first, which is why it’s so crucial to consult an attorney.

There are often other hurdles to overcome when suing government defendants.  Sometimes they can only be sued in certain courts, for example. In other cases there are convoluted, obscure statutes which operate to defeat the claims of the unwary.  Don’t let this be you!  Consult an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner who knows how to navigate the pitfalls of the legal system and get you the recovery you deserve.  Call Michael S. Lamonsoff law offices today.