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What Is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel an individual into performing sexual acts.
Traffickers are skilled manipulators who target individuals in need of financial or emotional support. 

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Common tactics traffickers use to locate individuals are:

 -      Fake Job Ads:  A trafficker will post an ad seeking a child or elder care services, house cleaner, personal assistant, cook, etc. Once there, the applicant realizes they have been deceived and are in a vulnerable position.
-      Acting as a “Boyfriend”: a trafficker will date an individual and slowly earn their trust. Once the trafficker has established a relationship with the individual, they act as a pimp and force them to perform sexual acts for others for compensation.
-      Gifts: a trafficker will lavish an individual with gifts, food, trips, all with the intent of ultimately pimping the individual out to others for compensation.
-      Drugs and Alcohol: a trafficker often uses drugs and alcohol to coheres a nonconsenting individual into performing sexual acts on others
-      Housing: a trafficker may promise to provide housing and food to an individual in order to create a false sense of support before trafficking them.

How to Stop Human Trafficking in New York: Attorney Michael Lamonsoff Explains Combative New Laws

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How Long Does a Survivor Have to Bring a Civil Suit?

Survivors have 10-15 years from the date they are freed to seek punitive damages against businesses who turned a blind eye. 

This means, a survivor can finally hold establishments accountable for the abuse they endured in their facility.

Michael S. Lamonsoff's Commitment to Survivors

If you are a survivor of sex trafficking, you have been through something unimaginable and are now empowered to fight back through punishing lawsuits.

Survivors finally have a voice and an advocate in one of New York’s top-rated sexual assault and sexual abuse attorneys, Michael “The Bull” Lamonsoff. 

Our attorneys specializing in sex trafficking are here to listen to your story and fight for justice on your behalf. We offer confidential and compassionate legal representation. If you or someone you know is in danger related to sex trafficking, contact law enforcement immediately. Additionally, you can contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1(888) 373-7888 for assistance and support.

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