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The Bull

$37,000,000 Awarded in a Construction Accident Case.

The Bull

$16,000,000 Verdict awarded to a Victim of Sexual Abuse

The Bull

$12,157,000 Settlement in a Train Derailment Case

The Bull

$11,750,000 Awarded to a Victim of Wrongful Conviction

The Bull

$11,000,000 Verdict awarded to a victim of a bus accident.

The Bull

$9,000,000 Awarded to a Victim of Municipal Assault

The Bull

$7,000,000 Awarded in a Construction Accident Case

The Bull

$6,500,000 Settlement in a Construction Accident Case

The Bull

$5,500,000 Verdict Awarded in a Construction Accident Case

The Bull

$4,750,000 Awarded to an Injured Construction Worker

The Bull

$4,100,000 Settlement in a Construction Accident Case

The Bull

$4,000,000 Awarded to Families of Flight 587 Victims

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“To me, winning is the only acceptable outcome for my clients.”

- Michael "The Bull" Lamonsoff

Michael S. Lamonsoff,

Why “The Bull” is the Only Choice for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit in New York

Michael S. Lamonsoff, a top personal injury lawyer in New York, is called “The Bull” by his clients because he never stops fighting for them.

With deep experience in handling the gambit of personal injury lawsuits from construction accidents, premises liability, sexual abuse to mass torts and others.  We have handled many of the highest profile injury cases in New York and across the country.

Michael "The Bull" Lamonsoff believes in preparing every case for trial even though the vast majority of cases settle. The insurance companies want to control the process. They want to limit the amount of compensation our clients get for their injuries by offering inadequate offers of settlement. We take the control of the process away from them. Our firm speedily and aggressively litigates every case as if it were going to trial.  The insurance companies are terrified of this. They know that once the case goes to trial, a jury will decide how much money an injury victim will get. A jury is made up of people just like you and others in your community. They are far more sympathetic to our clients’ plight than multi-national insurance corporations. That is why, as our client’s case gets closer to trial, the more money they will offer.

“I have assembled a special team of highly aggressive attorneys, paralegals, experts, and paraprofessionals to defeat the insurance companies at their own game.”- Michael "The Bull" Lamonsoff 

If you or a loved one has been injured Michael "The Bull" is prepared to take aggressive action to get you the best possible results.  You deserve attentive, focused legal representation from a top-rated New York personal injury lawyer who is prepared to take your case to trial and fight for you.

The services provided by the team at MichaelTheBull.com cover a wide range of personal injury law, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more!

Michael S. Lamonsoff, NYC personal injury lawyer

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Has Your Construction Accident Case Been Dropped By An Attorney?

Michael "The Bull" Lamonsoff has the answers

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Featured Practice Areas

Construction Accidents

Learn More About Construction Accidents

Engaging in construction work in New York is one of the riskiest professions to undertake. Should you or a family member suffer an injury while working, you might be eligible for a significantly larger compensation than you'd typically receive via workers' compensation. We are committed to thorough investigations and the relentless pursuit of justice, ensuring the highest possible compensation for construction workers who have been injured.

Featured Practice Areas

Premises Liability

Learn More About Premises Liability

Premises liability law revolves around the responsibility of property owners to maintain safe conditions, preventing accidents and injuries. If you've suffered an injury while on someone else's property due to their negligence, you may have a legitimate case under premises liability. We are committed to getting you the compensation you deserve.

Featured Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Learn More About Personal Injury

Personal Injury concerns the legal compensation available to individuals who have been harmed physically, emotionally, or mentally due to the negligence or intentional actions of others. It's a vast field that covers situations ranging from car accidents to medical malpractice, product defects to premises liability. Let us help you fight for justice.

Featured Practice Areas

Sexual Abuse

Learn More About Sexual Abuse

Our law offices have a dedicated unit of attorneys specializing in providing compassionate and unwavering legal representation for survivors of sexual abuse and assault, ensuring their voices are empowered. Sexual Abuse law addresses the reprehensible acts of sexual violence and misconduct, working to provide justice for victims and deter such actions in society. Click here to learn more about how we support victims in their journey toward justice by holding the accountable parties responsible.

Additional Practice Areas

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accident law encompasses situations where individuals suffer injuries on someone else's property. These are often due to hazardous conditions, such as wet floors or uneven surfaces. This area of law deals with determining liability, negligence, and the responsibility of property owners to maintain safe environments for visitors.

Learn More About Slip & Fall Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accident law covers liability, insurance claims, compensation for injuries and damages, amongst other areas. We can help you navigate the complexities of Motor Vehicle Accident law and help you understand your rights and options.

Learn More About Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents can involve public or private buses, often resulting in serious injuries, damages, and even death. Bus accident law covers issues of liability, negligence, and the rights of victims and passengers, aiming to establish accountability and provide compensation for those affected by bus-related accidents.

Learn More About Bus Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck Accident law governs the legal aspects surrounding collisions and incidents involving commercial trucks, addressing liability, compensation, and related matters.

Learn More About Truck Accidents

Worker’s Compensation

We fight for the rights of workers who have suffered injuries or illnesses as a result of their job. Knowing your rights under workers’ compensation law by working with a knowledgeable attorney can be crucial in navigating workplace incidents and ensuring your financial and health needs are met.

Learn More About Worker’s Compensation

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death law pertains to the legal principles and regulations surrounding cases where a person's death is caused by the negligence, wrongful act, or misconduct of another party, allowing eligible survivors to pursue compensation for their losses.

Learn More About Wrongful Death

Mass Torts

Mass Torts law deals with incidents where negligent or harmful actions of a party cause widespread injury or damage to large groups of people. This can encompass situations like pharmaceutical negligence, faulty consumer products and more.

Learn More About Mass Torts

Product Liability

Product liability law encompasses the legal principles and regulations that hold manufacturers, distributors, and sellers responsible for injuries or damages caused by defective or unsafe products, allowing consumers to seek compensation for harm suffered due to product defects.

Learn More About Product Liability

Defective Drugs

Cases involving defective drugs focus on the legal principles and regulations that hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for producing and distributing medications with dangerous side effects or inadequate warnings, enabling individuals harmed by such drugs to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses.

Learn More About Defective Drugs
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In the Media

Michael S. Lamonsoff, a top personal injury lawyer in New York City, is often called upon by top media outlets to present his opinions on various cases. You will enjoy his personable, no-nonsense approach – it works in the media, and it works in court.

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Michael S. Lamonsoff, personal injury lawyer in New York City

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