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Bus accident injuries and deaths surging. What you need to know.

Our Legal Team Taking Action

Our team of bus accident lawyers in New York City at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff has been retained to represent victims of three serious bus accidents across Manhattan and Pennsylvania that occurred in just the last few weeks.  In these accidents, scores were injured, and some were killed. There has been an alarming recent surge in mass transit accidents, especially involving buses. Bus operators in NYC owe a heightened duty of care to all. Many of these accidents are due to operator and bus owner negligence, poor training, and a lack of testing of bus drivers for substance abuse and sleep disorders. Government regulation has been insufficient.

Proven Track Record In Past Major Transit Accidents

Our firm has litigated cases on behalf of clients in many of the major mass transit accident cases along the East Coast over the past many decades: From plane crashes such as American Airlines Flight 587 where 265 people were killed, to serious bus crashes like the one on I81 in Pennsylvania last week in which three died, to every major train accident and derailment between North Carolina to Connecticut.

Critical Reforms Achieved From Past Accidents

The last of these major train accidents, the 2013 Metro-North Spuyten Duyvil derailment, sparked a federal investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Several years later, it was revealed that the train lacked some of the most basic accident prevention technology.  They also found that an overworked conductor suffered from undiagnosed sleep apnea. Causing him to fall asleep at the controls. As a result, after nearly 5 years, safety measures were finally mandated to help prevent future train accidents from happening.  However, none of those same regulations were applied to bus travel. Especially in New York City, where buses play an integral role in transportation this is makes it all the more important to take effective action immediately.

Demand for Higher Safety Standards

Mass transit operators and the companies that run them, should be held to a higher standard of safety.  If there is an accident It can result in the injuries and deaths of hundreds or even thousands. As of today, there has been no initiation of investigations by the NTSB into the recent spate of fatal bus accidents. 

Bus Accident Injuries & Death - What you need to know!

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Bus Accident Injuries & Deaths Are Surging - What You Need To Know
Catastrophic bus accident where major fire damage occurred

Who is liable for bus accident injuries?

After a serious bus accident, multiple investigations are usually conducted to determine liability. These may include police investigations, insurance company investigations, internal bus company investigations, and investigations conducted by traffic safety boards. Different laws and regulations apply to different types of buses. For example, commercial interstate carriers, such as Greyhound, are subject to different regulations than government entities responsible for Metro buses. Churches and private buses fall under a different set of guidelines.

Double Decker Bus Accidents

Double-decker buses can present challenges when it comes to evacuating passengers during emergencies or accidents. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Limited exits: Double-decker buses typically have limited exits compared to single-decker buses. Passengers on the upper deck may only have access to staircases leading down to the lower deck or the main entrance/exit. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire or a collision, these limited exits can slow down the evacuation process and potentially create bottlenecks.
  2. Staircase congestion: The presence of staircases in double-decker buses can cause congestion during evacuations, especially if passengers are trying to exit simultaneously. The narrow staircases may not allow for efficient flow, potentially leading to delays and hindrances in evacuation efforts.
  3. Height-related challenges: Evacuating from the upper deck of a double-decker bus can be more challenging due to the height involved. Passengers may have to descend steep staircases, which could be difficult for individuals with mobility issues, elderly passengers, or those carrying heavy luggage. The height factor can also increase the risk of falls or injuries during the evacuation process.
  4. Panic and confusion: During emergencies, panic and confusion can further complicate the evacuation process. Passengers may not be familiar with the layout of the bus or the location of emergency exits, which can hinder their ability to evacuate efficiently. Additionally, the presence of multiple levels in a double-decker bus may contribute to a sense of disorientation, making it harder for passengers to find their way to safety.

To mitigate these challenges, it is crucial for bus operators to have well-defined emergency procedures in place. This includes proper training for drivers and conductors, clear signage indicating emergency exits, and regular drills to familiarize passengers with evacuation protocols. Additionally, advancements in bus design and safety regulations aim to address these challenges by incorporating features such as additional emergency exits and improved staircases.

While double-decker buses may present unique evacuation challenges, with proper planning, training, and safety measures, it is possible to ensure the safety of passengers during emergencies.

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