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Sexual abuse of a child is the most horrifying act that can result in permanent mental and emotional damage for the child survivor. It may take years or decades before the child sexual assault survivor can fight back the overwhelming emotions of painful anguish, anger, and shame. If you or someone you love is a survivor of child sexual assault, the top-rated New York Child Victims Act attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq. can help you seek justice and recover financial damages.

What does the Child Victims Act do?

  • Encourages survivors to file a claim for money damages not just against their abusers, but also against any public and private institutions that could have prevented the abuse and failed to do so.
  • Provides survivors of child sexual abuse, a one-year, one-time-only period in which to bring a civil action regardless of how long ago the child sexual abuse occurred or how old they currently are. The one-year period ended on August 13th, 2021.
  • Extends New York’s statutes of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • Gives survivors until their 28th birthday to bring criminal charges against their sexual abusers.
  • Allows survivors to bring civil action any time before they turn 55.

Child survivors of sexual assault may not understand what they have been through. They suffer in silence and may even blame themselves. They don’t have the capacity and experience to understand that they have done nothing wrong. Many times, they don’t even tell their parents for fear of getting punished. Additionally, adult sexual abuse survivors often feel ashamed and at fault for the sexual assault and don’t report what has happened to them.


Background of New York Child Victims Act

What makes child sexual abuse distinct is that the perpetrator often has the ability to frighten, coerce, or threaten the child against reporting the incident. This more commonly occurs in cases, where the sexual predator (such as a family member, teacher, clergy member, staff at a foster care home) knows the child. 

Even when the assaulter is unknown, a child survivor may still not disclose the abuse because of their inherent lack of power and awareness as a minor. In this situation, statutes of limitation typically create an insurmountable hurdle to the survivors seeking justice through legal action when they grow up.  

Child Victims Act of New York Brings the Much-Needed Change

The passage of the New York Child Victims Act on February 14th, 2019 finally became the much-needed step to protect the rights of people who have suffered sexual abuse as a child survivor, and wish to seek justice years or decades later.

Removing the previous statute of limitations, which barred the survivors of child sexual abuse from filing a claim against the perpetrator once the survivor turned 23 years old, the Child Victims Act of New York allows the survivors who suffered abuse as a child to file a civil lawsuit for damages against the wrongdoer until the survivor's 55th birthday. Our Child Victims Act lawyers in New York City are working hard to help these survivors receive justice.

Compensation for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse - Contact a Child Victims Act Attorney in New York City

Experienced New York Child Victims Act attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq. understands that for a survivor of child sexual abuse, the trauma goes much beyond physical injury. The psychological and emotional damage can leave the child scarred for life. Attorney “The Bull” Michael Lamonsoff will leave no stone unturned to present a compelling case for maximum compensation before the judge and jury to help the survivor achieve their rightful financial recovery for the injustice they have suffered.

Compensation in these cases may include all past, present and future medical expenses related to the survivor's physical, emotional and psychological injuries, hospitalization costs, nursing care, physical therapy, psychological counseling, medical devices, medications, domestic services, as well as pain and suffering. Punitive damages are also fairly common in child sexual abuse cases, if the attorney can prove that the sexual perpetrator’s actions were particularly egregious. 


What is the Child Victims Act in New York?

Prior to the passage of the NY Child Victims Act, most survivors of child sexual abuse in New York were required to file a civil lawsuit against the defendant only up to the age of 23. Following the passage of this Act in 2019, the statue of limitations for filing a civil action has been substantially extended. Now a civil lawsuit for compensation against the perpetrator of child sexual abuse can be file until the survivor attains the age of 55.

Can organizations be held liable under NY Child Victims Act?

Yes, any institution that works with children and had hired a child sexual abuser as an employee or volunteer might be held liable. Examples of these organizations include private and public schools, churches, day care centers, and the Boy Scouts.

Which types of claims may be filed under the Child Victims Act?

Under the Child Victims Act, any type of claim that occurs due to injuries resulting from a sexual offense committed against a child (or minor) can be filed. The offense may arise by way of intentional tort, ordinary negligence, negligent hiring, and negligent supervision.

Why should you hire a highly rated NY Child Victims Act Attorney like Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq.?

While the Child Victims Act has significantly extended the statute of limitations, making it possible for many more survivors to sue for compensation, it does not reduce the burden of proof that a survivor is required to meet in order to win compensation. Aggressive yet compassionate New York Child Victims attorney “The Bull” Michael S. Lamonsoff has the skills, experience, and resources to build a powerful case to convince the judge and jury about the merits of the survivor’s case. It is best for the survivors to hire attorney Michael Lamosoff as their lawyer in New York and utilize the rights that the new law afford to them to obtain the maximum compensation they rightfully deserve.

Catholic Church’s History of Opposition to The Child Victims Act

The flood of civil lawsuits in New York that followed the passage of the Child Victims Act surprised even the most astute legal analysts. Thousands of survivors of child sexual assault sued churches, members of clergy, and other church staff for either committing child abuse or enabling it actively or indirectly by turning a blind eye to the incidents. 

Several of New York’s Roman Catholic dioceses filed for bankruptcy following the deluge of litigation against religious institutions that occurred after the Child Victims Act was passed. No wonder Roman Catholic Church opposed the passage of this Act for years and made every effort to stall the relaxation of the previous extremely restrictive statute of limitations on the survivors of child sexual assault because the Church is highly vital to American society.

Attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq. is here to ensure justice and closure for survivors.

As the most vocal opponent of the Child Victims Act bill in New York, the Roman Catholic Church claimed that the civil lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse would financially destroy the institution. With that said, after a decade of stalling tactics, the state finally passed the Child Victims Act, giving adequate protection of civil rights to the victims of child abuse.  

Who Are The Likely Child Sexual Predators And Who Can be Held Liable?

In a vast majority of cases of child sexual assault, the perpetrator is someone who is related or known to the child, either as a family member, family friend, religious leader, community leader, teacher, or a care provider. In addition to the individual sexual abusers, organizations and institutions that are likely to be held accountable for child sexual abuse include: 

  • Public or Private School 
  • Public or Private Hospitals
  • Summer Camps
  • Dance Schools
  • The Boy or Girl Scouts 
  • Day Care Center 
  • Foster Care Home
  • Catholic or Mormon Church
  • Sports Club or League
  • Youth Organization 

Proven and reliable New York Child Victims Act attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq. is dedicated to fighting for the cause of child sexual abuse or assault victims and their families. Backed by years of trial experience, strong negotiation skills, and a vast network and resources, attorney Lamonsoff has a track record of successfully taking on powerful institutions, organizations, and individuals to obtain maximum financial compensation for the victims of child sexual assault. 

Find a Child Victims Act attorney who you can talk to about the abuse

While it is often tough for survivors of violent attacks or injuries to process and communicate their trauma, it can be especially difficult for victims of sexual molestation or abuse to open up about their trauma. And it ultimately may seem unimaginable for the victims abused as children to speak up and face the ones that injured them.

Under these circumstances, sexual abuse survivors need a child sexual abuse lawyer who will understand, approach the matter 100% on their side, with no holds barred, and ready to fight for justice. Michael S. Lamonsoff, Esq. is just that attorney.

If you or a loved one have suffered sexual abuse or sexual assault of any kind, the Child Victims Act sexual abuse and assault lawyers in NYC with The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC are ready to discuss your case and explain your options. 

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Are you a survivor of sexual assault or abuse that occurred years ago?

New York has recently passed the Adult Survivors Act, which allows victims that were at any age 18 or older, to now bring their abuser to justice. This includes the institutions that protected them.

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