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In a typical workers' compensation claim or settlement in New York, you don’t need to prove employer negligence if you suffered injuries in the workplace. Workers’ compensation only covers actual lost wages and medical bills. It doesn’t cover damages for your pain and suffering. You can file a personal injury claim for maximum compensation when a third party is liable for your workplace injuries. 

Our knowledge of both workers' compensation and personal injury law enables us to view the big picture of your case and help you obtain the highest compensation possible rather than being constrained by the narrow focus of either area exclusively. 

We look at your situation as a whole, and our balanced approach helps us maximize your overall potential recovery. The third party claims lawyers in New York City at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff have secured more than half a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases. Michael S. Lamonsoff, our firm's founding attorney, has earned the nickname "The Bull" for his aggressive and unrelenting pursuit of justice on behalf of his clients.

Third-Party Claim Scenarios

There are a few scenarios where making a third-party claim is not only feasible but also highly recommended. They include the following:

Accident between a van and a car

Delivery Worker

In New York State, the Worker's Compensation system is the first recourse for delivery van drivers who are injured on the job and need compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. If a negligent driver caused the collision and your injuries, you might also have a claim for personal injuries against the irresponsible driver's insurance company.

Construction Worker

  • A  fall involving an unstable scaffold or ladder on the job
  • Suffering an injury on the job because of a third party (e.g.: an electrician hired as a subcontractor) on the work site
  • Construction site accidents caused by falling materials that were being lifted or needed to be secured

Defective Product

It's possible to file a third-party claim against a product's manufacturer if you suffer an injury on the job because of a defective product. Malfunctioning power tools, chemical solvents, combustible items with insufficient warnings or instructions, cranes, ladders, forklifts, and scaffolding that fail during critical moments can all be considered faulty products in the workplace.

Car accident at night

Collision With a Drunk Driver

Several third-party injury claims cover injury from an accident caused by an intoxicated driver. In addition to making a claim against the at-fault driver's motor insurance policy, you may be able to file a third-party dram shop liability claim against a bar or restaurant if the at-fault driver was seen exiting the place before getting behind the wheel.

Crash with a Commercial Vehicle

If you were injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, like an 18-wheeler, you might be entitled to pursue compensation from numerous parties through a third-party injury claim. Some of the people who can be held liable in such circumstances are:

  • Driver
  • Trucking company
  • The company handling the truck’s freight loading
  • The company or the mechanics hired to maintain the vehicle

These are but a handful of the various potential reasons for claims brought by third parties. Filing a claim against a third party (individual or company) allows you to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. This compensation is similar to other personal injury cases (it often represents a major portion of your financial damages recovery).

Wrongful Death on the Job

Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a workplace accident can also file a claim against a third party. Any compensation you receive from the wrongful death claim against a third party will supplement the damages you receive from Worker's Compensation.

Our skilled team of lawyers will devise the best possible course of action, identify qualified medical witnesses to testify on your behalf, compile all the evidence you'll need to prove your case, and negotiate or litigate for the best possible outcome.

Michael S. Lamonsoff,

Our Dedicated Third Party Claims Attorneys in NYC Can Protect Your Right to Compensation 

When a worker is injured on the job, they can turn to the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff for assistance. We'll handle any potential litigation against third parties. We investigate all potential third parties that may be liable for your workplace illness or injury to build a strong case.

Contact our third party claims attorneys in New York immediately to book an initial consultation and discover how to pursue maximum financial compensation. For a free and confidential case evaluation and consultation on the best course of action in your case, call the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff at 212-962-1020 or contact us online.

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