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Having a baby can be one of the most precious times in someone’s life. The thought of bringing a new life into the world and all the responsibility that comes with it brings feelings of great joy.

Unfortunately, those dreams and feelings of joy are often shattered by errors and tragedy when an innocent life is born with unnecessary brain damage. Parents experience a rush of emotions as all of their wonderful plans wilt upon hearing the news that their loved one is showing signs of brain damage. This is where a medical malpractice lawyer can help.

This is an event that should never take place, but unfortunately, it can sometimes happen. Oxygen deprivation occurs at some point during the pregnancy or delivery and goes unnoticed, and now an angelic little life must endure hardship and pain. Parents often have no choice but to go searching for answers and for justice.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, fights for these victims and their families. We give a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves as we seek financial compensation for the undue hardship and the medical care that they will likely need.

What are the results of infant brain damage?

The results of infant brain damage are tragic. Your child could have lifelong physical and cognitive development issues.

The medical care costs can be quite extensive. Many times adaptive equipment or continuing physical therapy is necessary to improve the quality of life for the child.

How can a medical malpractice lawyer help?

These types of cases can be quite complex, and it can be hard to establish responsibility. A New York brain damage attorney with extensive experience can conduct a thorough investigation to help get that done.

Many times they will also have access to medical records that the average person cannot get. For instance, an experienced brain damage attorney will probably know to look for low pH levels in the baby because they are usually linked to fetal distress.

Additionally, a medical malpractice attorney with experience in infant brain damage will help you maximize your claim to ensure that you are fully compensated to the extent of the law. It is hard enough to find out that your child was deprived of oxygen and suffered unnecessary brain damage, the last thing you want to do is try to navigate the legal system alone.

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If your precious little one came into the world unexpectedly with brain damage, call The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, immediately. As you begin to care for your new addition to the family, you need a New York brain damage lawyer looking out for your best interest. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, understand how devastating this can be and they will be there for you every step of the way. They will concentrate on maximizing your claim so that you can afford the necessary medical treatment your little one needs.

We will take the time to listen to you, review the medical records, and diligently investigate your case. Our attorneys are excellent New York personal injury lawyers who specialize in birth injuries and draw from more than a century of experience.

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