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New York Parking Lot Slip and Fall Lawyers

When people park their cars and hop out in pursuit of the next destination in their hurried lives, they expect the parking lot to be safe. Many times, people are on the phone, carrying groceries, or even small children and do not stop to inspect the parking lot where they are walking. There could be a pothole, an icy puddle, or a jagged surface that catches the foot wrong and causes a devastating fall. Many times, people are lucky enough to only be carrying a few groceries. Other times, expensive electronics, or even worse, small children are dropped to the ground unexpectedly. These accidents can be tragic in nature. A broken wrist or shoulder and some harsh bruising are some of the minor injuries often suffered in these situations. Whether your accident occurred in a parking lot or a parking garage in New York City, you need a slip and fall lawyer with extensive experience in parking lot falls to help you get the financial compensation that you deserve. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident in a NYC parking lot, or any other parking lot in New York, someone else may be financially responsible for your injuries. Call The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, today to have your case reviewed by an experienced slip and fall attorney in New York.

What types of injuries are usually sustained in a parking lot slip and fall accident?

Each and every case is different and the types of injuries sustained will depend greatly on the circumstances surrounding the accident. Many times people suffer from knee injuries, such as a torn meniscus or even broken bones in the leg or ankle. A torn rotator cuff, broken elbow, or collar bone are not uncommon injuries. Some injuries may heal rapidly while others take more time. More serious injuries will require more extensive medical treatment to correct. In extreme cases, a victim’s head may even strike the pavement causing life-threatening injuries, or a victim may even suffer a herniated disc of the spinal cord. Elderly patients are more susceptible to hip injuries and broken bones, in particular. The list goes on and on. Any number of accidents are possible in a parking lot that has not been properly maintained.

What should I do if I am injured in a NYC parking lot?

If you are injured in a NYC parking lot, or any parking lot for that matter, the first thing you should do is gather your senses and seek medical attention. If you are able, it is a good idea to get pictures of the accident scene and your injuries. The medical staff will likely document your injuries in the medical reports, but pictures really help rather than leaving things open to interpretation. The very next thing you should do is seek legal counsel, immediately. Do not give any written or recorded statements without speaking to an experienced parking lot slip and fall attorney. Doing so could void your legal rights to financial compensation.

Who is liable for an injury in a NYC parking lot?

New York Parking Lot Slip and Fall LawyersIn simple terms, the property owner is liable. Whether the parking lot is on private, commercial, or government property, the property owner is responsible for maintaining it in a safe and reasonable manner for patrons or anyone else that may frequent it. They are responsible for adequate lighting, repairing potholes, raised or icy pavement, and any other number of conditions that could cause an unnecessary accident. It is not uncommon for property owners to assume that the only traffic in their parking lots will be vehicle traffic and that just isn’t the case.

What if my accident occurred in a municipal parking lot?

Again, the property owners are responsible for any unnecessary injuries caused by faulty repair or lack of maintenance, even if it is owned by a municipality. The documentation needed, and the deadlines for filing such documentation, are usually different when dealing with a municipality. For instance, the statute of limitations is much shorter. However, the responsibility is still the same.

What if a child fell and was injured in a parking garage in New York?

New York Parking Lot Slip and Fall LawyersIf the victim happens to be a child, then a parent or legal guardian can file suit for them. The damages are still awarded to the child, and are most often put into a trust until the child becomes of age. Many times injuries may not be immediately apparent, so the statute of limitations can be different in cases involving minor children. A slip and fall lawyer experienced in NYC parking lot injuries can give you more details. If you have a minor child that was injured in a slip and fall accident in a NYC parking lot, call The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, today. Our attorneys are always happy to sit down and listen to your story before advising you of your options.

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The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, has extensive experience and a proven track record of success representing parking lot accident victims in New York. Our highly skilled attorneys work closely with experts in the field to investigate diligently while preparing and presenting the strongest argument available so you can recover adequate financial compensation to cover your medical costs and lost wages. If you sustained a serious injury from a fall that could have been prevented or suffered unnecessarily from the tragedy of a serious injury sustained in a New York parking lot, call The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, today. We will fight fiercely for your rights as a victim and represent your best interests so that you can concentrate on recovering.  You can call the toll free number at (877) 675-4529 to set up your initial consultation, or you can fill out our consultation request form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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