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Causes of Parking Lot Accidents and Injuries in New York

Here are some of the common causes of parking lot accidents and injuries:

  • Poor Lighting: Inadequate lighting can lead to trips, slips, and falls, especially during nighttime or in poorly lit areas of the parking facility.
  • Uneven Surfaces: Cracked or uneven pavement, potholes, and debris can cause pedestrians to trip and fall, resulting in injuries.
  • Lack of Maintenance: Failure to maintain the parking lot or garage, including neglecting repairs and upkeep, can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and vehicles alike.
  • Slippery Surfaces: Spills of oil, water, or other substances can create slippery conditions, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • Defective Design: Poorly designed parking facilities with narrow spaces, inadequate signage, or confusing layouts can contribute to accidents and injuries.
  • Poor Visibility: Limited visibility due to blind spots, obstructed views, or overgrown vegetation can pose hazards for pedestrians walking through the parking area.
  • Inadequate Snow and Ice Removal: Failure to promptly remove snow and ice from parking lots and garages during winter weather conditions can create slippery surfaces and increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

Types of Accidents and Injuries in Parking Lots and Garages

Slip and Fall Injuries

These can result in fractures, sprains, strains, bruises, and head injuries due to slips on wet or uneven surfaces, debris, or icy patches.

Vehicle Collisions

Pedestrians or occupants of vehicles can sustain injuries ranging from minor bruises to severe trauma, including whiplash, concussions, fractures, and internal injuries.

Crush Injuries

Pedestrians may be pinned or trapped between vehicles or against fixed structures, leading to crush injuries, fractures, internal injuries, and even amputations.

Head and Brain Injuries

Concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur from impacts with vehicles, pavement, or other hard surfaces, leading to cognitive impairments, memory loss, or permanent disabilities.

Back and Neck Injuries

Sudden jolts or impacts from accidents can cause strains, sprains, herniated discs, or spinal cord injuries, resulting in chronic pain, mobility issues, and neurological deficits.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Whiplash, muscle strains, and ligament sprains are common soft tissue injuries resulting from the sudden acceleration-deceleration forces experienced in parking lot collisions.

Cuts and Lacerations

Broken glass, sharp metal edges, or protruding objects in parking lots can cause cuts, abrasions, or puncture wounds, potentially leading to infections or scarring.

Psychological Trauma

Being involved in a parking lot accident can cause emotional distress, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or other psychological injuries requiring counseling or therapy for recovery.

Our parking lot injury lawyers in New York City are here to help. Contact us if you or a loved one have experienced any of the above or similar injuries.

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Private vs. Public Parking Lot Personal Injury Claims in New York

Ownership and Control

Private parking lots in New York City are typically owned and managed by individuals, businesses, or organizations, while public parking lots are owned and operated by government entities or municipalities, such as the New York City Department of Transportation.

Legal Standards

The legal standards for liability may vary between private and public parking lots in New York. Private property owners owe a duty of care to visitors to maintain safe premises and address known hazards. Public entities in New York also have a duty to maintain reasonably safe conditions under premises liability laws.

Notice Requirements

In New York, there may be differences in the notice requirements for bringing a claim against a private entity versus a public entity. For example, there may be shorter notice periods or different procedures for filing claims against government agencies like the New York City government.

Government Immunity

Government entities in New York may be entitled to certain immunities or limitations on liability under state or municipal laws. This can impact the ability to sue and recover damages for injuries sustained in public parking lots, but such immunity may be waived under certain circumstances.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for injuries may differ. Private property owners may have liability insurance to cover accidents on their premises, while public entities may be self-insured or covered by governmental immunity funds.

Statute of Limitations for Parking Lot and Parking Garage Accidents in New York

In New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including those stemming from parking lot accidents, is typically three years. However, there are exceptions to this. This means that individuals who have been injured in parking lot accidents generally have one to three years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit looking for compensation for their injuries. When a public parking lot or garage is involved, a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days.

The specific length of the statute of limitations can vary depending on several factors, including the nature of the claim, the extent of the injuries, and the identity of the defendant. For instance, claims against government entities may have shorter deadlines and different procedural requirements compared to claims against private individuals or businesses.

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