Another construction worker has fallen victim to a contractor’s negligence in New York City. Roger Vail, 62, fell more than 10 stories to his death while working at 400 W. 33rd Street. He was doing a survey on the 16th floor of a Brookfield Properties development project when the platform gave in. His friends, after hearing about his death, described him as a native New Yorker who was a great local musician and friend.

New York City’s Building Department issued a “full stop-work” order to stop the construction. They also issued a violation to the contractor for failing to safeguard the site.

This is yet another accident that was preventable if the contractor followed regulations it was legally obligated to follow. Michael Lamonsoff himself has fought tirelessly for the rights of our city’s most vulnerable employees, construction workers. For over 20 years, his firm has been fighting for the rights of these workers. The firm has been a long time advocate for increasing the safety standards used at construction sites.

“Contractors that are building these buildings are not using the safety protocol and safety equipment that are available to them. They are not providing workers with proper safety equipment and not providing workers with proper safety tools. These contractors are choosing profit through speed of construction over their own workers’ lives and safety.” – Michael S. Lamonsoff

Legislation is needed to force contractors to provide a safe working environment for our construction workers. Workers deserve to have tools, machinery, and policies that will protect them from preventable harm. City Council is currently debating over the NYC Construction Safety Act, a safety bill that would require additional safety measures to be added to construction sites. You can help protect workers by being informed and helping spread awareness of this devastating problem. Write to your city council to show that the citizens of NYC care about the safety of our construction workers.