There are exact steps and procedures to follow when an employee has been injured on the job in New York. The correct forms, steps, and timeframe must be followed in order to receive workers’ compensation. Upon injury, the worker must notify his supervisor and seek medical attention. Within 10 days, the employee should notify the employer in writing of the injury. Within 48 hours a medical doctor completes his preliminary report and copies are provided to the employer, employee (and their representation if applicable) and the insurance company. The employer notifies the insurance company of the injured employee within 10 days. The insurance company then has 14 days to notify the employee of their workers’ compensation rights. The employee is directed to the network of health professionals contracted with them for further evaluation and treatment. If the time loss is more than 7 days, the employee will begin receiving compensation within 18 days. The procedure is detailed, and an employee with serious injury may do well to seek legal representation.

the workers Compensation Process

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