On February 20, 2014, Sarah Jones, a 27-year-old crew member on the set of a drama film called Midnight Rider, was struck and killed by an incoming train that interfered with a set piece on the rails.  The drama surrounding Jones’ death and the possible workplace negligence created by the production team and director have been an ongoing sensation in American press.

As of this week, results of an autopsy conducted on February 24, 2014 are finally available to the public.  Her cause of death has been described in the public report as “multiple injuries sustained as a pedestrian struck by a railroad train while at work on a movie location,” and ruled an accident.

Ruled pedestrian death, Jones was allegedly struck on her right side by a railroad train while at work on location for a film shoot.  The impact severed both of her feet and caused countless other injuries, including lacerations and fractures.  A criminal investigation was immediately launched into her death, searching for signs of workplace negligence.

At the time of the ‘Midnight Rider’ train accident, the crew was shooting a dream sequence on railroad tracks in Wayne County, Georgia.  A bed had been placed onto the tracks as part of the scenery and could not be moved fast enough when the crew was surprised by an oncoming train.  The collision of the train into the bed pushed Jones directly onto the tracks, where she was struck.

There were no medical professionals or railroad officials on the set of the film.

Randall Miller, the director of the film, has pleaded guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass.  The terms of his plea allowed the same charges against producer Jody Savin to be dropped.  Miller will serve two years in jail and eight on probation, as well as paying a fine of $20,000.

A video of the oncoming train can be viewed here.  This video was presented in court to draw conclusions as to whether or not Jones was a victim of workplace negligence.

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