The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff once again has been retained by victims of a tragic train accident. On Monday, March 9, 2015, an Amtrak train en route from Raleigh, North Carolina to New York crashed into the trailer of a 127-ton trailer stuck on the rails.  Of the 213 passengers on the train, over 50 are reported injured, including the train’s conductor.  This news follows two recent deadly crashes in New York and California, costing the lives of 7 passengers and injuring 30.

Investigation, urged by outraged train accident victims, will investigate whether or not the semi-truck was reported to CSX as being stuck on the rails.  Eye witnesses to the train crash claim the tractor trailer was obstructing the railway for 5 to 8 minutes before the train rounded the nearby corner – too close to the site of collision to come to a halt in time.

Every Amtrak intersection is papered with emergency contact information for CSX, intended to prevent dangerous situations.  These large-print displays of a toll-free emergency hotline urge onlookers to call if obvious danger is present, including the example, “if a vehicle is stuck on the tracks.”  Officials have not provided any indication that an emergency call was placed to CSX prior to the Halifax train crash on Monday.

The 164-foot tractor trailer was unable to negotiate tight turns.  In addition to a driver, a trooper was assigned to help this truck navigate to its destination with such specific needs.  There is disagreement upon whether the driver or the trooper would have been responsible for contacting CSX.  As of Thursday, no charges have been filed.

The most seriously injured of the accident victims is 85-year-old Mary Kramer, whose injuries have been described as life threatening after the crash propelled her into a table.  She has not yet awakened from her emergency care, which included the surgical removal of part of her intestine.

Mary’s son, Raymond Kramer is speaking out against the possible negligence that caused this tragedy.  “There’s nothing in place to stop this? Just a sign with a phone number, that actually either nobody made that call or somebody made that call and nobody answered that call, which one is it?”

This incident calls to mind the recent collision that occurred when a Metro North train collided with an SUV near the Valhalla Metro-North station, the third of Metro North’s deadly crashes in New York over the last two years.

The Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff are experienced train accident attorneys and have represented numerous victims of these accidents.  The firm currently represents many victims of the Metro North train accidents and train disasters that occurred in both New York and Connecticut, as seen covered by CNN and the New York Post.  Now, the firm has been retained to represent victims of the Halifax train crash.  The firm is dedicated to taking the lead in determining the cause of this accident on behalf of its clients.

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