A City of Inkster police officer, who was caught on camera violently beating a suspect, was charged with felony assault and misconduct in office.  The video caught by Officer William Melendez’s own patrol car camera on January 28th shows him ruthlessly punching 55-year-old Floyd Dent at the site of a traffic stop.

Officer Melendez was fired from the Inkster Police Department last week, more than three months after the assault.  He now faces up to 10 years in prison.

The damning dashcam video also shows other Inkster officers kicking and tasing Mr. Dent.  These other officers have not yet been charged, despite Dent’s insistence that all involved be brought to justice.  According to The Detroit News, the prosecution has stated that no further charges are forthcoming.

Melendez claims he found cocaine on Mr. Dent and that Mr. Dent proceeded to threaten Melendez’s life as well as bite him.  Dent denies these claims and has been cleared of charges for resisting arrest and drug possession from the time of the incident.  Prosecutor Kym Worthy declined to comment on allegations that Officer Melendez planted cocaine in Mr. Dent’s car, instead opting to say that the charges had been dropped, in “the best interest of justice.”

Floyd Dent was hospitalized for several days from the injuries he sustained from the police brutality.  The disturbing dashcam video showing the police beating Mr. Dent can be viewed courtesy of the Inkster Police Department in this USA Today article.

Mr. Dent’s attorney, Gregory Rohl, says that without the video, “Inkster wouldn’t have done anything.”  Ms. Worthy acknowledged that the public “probably wouldn’t know about it,” if the video hadn’t surfaced during Monday’s news conference.

This story comes on the tail of many recent high profile police misconduct cases, several of which resulted in the wrongful death of a victim, including a second video showing extreme use of police force against a parole absconder named Andrew Jackson Junior.  Jackson is caught on a bystander’s cell phone camera being punched and kicked by police.

In the case of Mr. Jackson, no criminal charges have been issued.  Ms. Worthy commented that “he was a felon attempting to flee … armed with a weapon [and actively resisting] attempts to arrest.”

Stories of police misconduct and police brutality are overwhelming the news.  You and your loved ones have rights that must be respected, even by law enforcement.  If you suspect that you or someone you know has been the victim of police misconduct, it is important to speak to a knowledgeable police misconduct attorney immediately.

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