The family of Tyler Tabor is outraged after Adams County, Colorado has announced that no charges of police abuse will be made against the medical and correctional staff that was on duty when the 25-year-old inmate died of dehydration and complications relating to heroin withdrawal.  Tabor was arrested three days before his death for heroin possession and expressed a fear of detoxing in custody to his mother before he was locked away.  Despite his pleas for an IV treatment to keep him hydrated as he vomited up oral medications, Tabor was denied this assistance up to his death.  In the press release issued by Adams County, Tyler Tabor’s death was ruled the result of “natural causes.” The family has gone to the press demanding accountability and announcing their intention to file suit against the county for the police abuse that led to the wrongful death of their son.  According to records and statements given by the jail personnel, Tabor was frequently vomiting and unable to hold food or liquid.  He is described as having been so weak that he could not stand or walk and that an officer and nurse had to hold him up and assist in getting his medication down his throat because he could not manage himself.  When he requested an IV treatment, Tabor was told by nurses that they are not administered “unless absolutely necessary” and denied that treatment. About half an hour prior to his death, Mr. Tabor was due to be checked in on by deputies.  However, that check-in did not occur due to an incident in another part of the jail.  The press release states that deputies were “engaged in two other incidents” and could not visit Mr. Tabor.  When he was discovered shortly thereafter, struggling from breathing difficulties and slumped on the floor of his cell, paramedics were called in.  He was pronounced dead at 6 a.m. The victim’s father, Ray Tabor, told The Denver Post that the family had to find out through press outlets about the ruling of death by natural causes.  “We just found out from the news articles yesterday,” he said.  “I thought they would at least send us something or give us a phone call. I tried to talk with them about what took place, but they wouldn’t. I just wanted somebody to look me in the eye and give me answers.” Mr. Tabor also says that no one contacted him while his son was in custody to alert him to Tyler’s failing health.  “If they had told me [my son] was in this kind of shape, I would have done whatever to get him out,” he said. “I would have put my house up. I would have bailed him out however I could.” Mr. Tabor further stated that while he regrets having to sue for damages, he hopes this case causes the jail to enact changes to make things safer and more hospitable to inmates like his son, who need medical care. When in custody of the police, you have the right to the necessary medical and personal care to keep you healthy.  If you or a loved one has been the victim of police abuse and has suffered lasting injury or even death due to the negligence and disregard of the police while you were in custody, you may be entitled to compensation. Call the experienced police abuse attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff now for a free personal consultation about your experience.  We can be reached 24-hours a day at (212) 962-1020 or toll free at (877) 675-4529.