Pedestrian Accidents

Due to New York City’s large population using sidewalks and crossing streets during all hours of the day, there are a very large number of pedestrian accidents. Even though the city’s efforts to avoid these accidents through the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) are a step in the right direction, there are still about 300 people killed in NYC each year due to pedestrian accidents.

New York drivers are often in a rush, so some drivers choose to violate the law and put pedestrians in danger in order to get to their destination a little faster. Many of the traffic violations that can cause these accidents go unnoticed and unpunished. Some of these dangerous traffic violations are:

    • ● SpeedingNew York Personal Injury Lawyers For Pedestrian Accident Victims
    • ● Running red lights to not lose time
    • ● Failing to use turn signals
    • ● Cutting off pedestrians who have the          right of way off while turning
    • ● Drinking and driving
    • ● Texting and driving
    • ● Using a GPS or apps on a phone for             directions

Pedestrians are often at the mercy of car, taxi, bus, and bicycle drivers when it comes to their safety. Even when following all of the rules, pedestrians’ safety still depends on drivers following the rules. Innocent pedestrians can be burdened with significant injuries due to others’ negligence.Accidents can leave victims with medical bills, lost wages, and physical impairments. An injury from an accident has the potential to temporarily or even permanently change a person’s life. Burdens can also extend to a victim’s loved ones if the victim now requires assistance with daily activities due to their injuries. Victims from pedestrian accidents are entitled to fair and full compensation for their losses.

Compensation for pedestrian injuries depends on the context of the accident and the extent of your injuries. Victims of pedestrian accidents may be awarded compensation for:

  • ● Medical expenses
  • ● Lost wages due to injury
  • ● Even pain and suffering


Tips for Pedestrians

In addition to following all traffic laws, make sure you look out for those drivers that may not be following the laws. Before crossing, look out for the cars that may be running a light that just turned red. Watch out for cars that are trying to turn and make sure they will stop for you. Also keep an eye out for bikers who don’t follow the law or ride against traffic. You may have the right of way, but drivers may not be paying attention or may try to cut you off so they don’t have to wait for you to cross.

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