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New York Construction Stairway Accident Attorney

New York Construction Stairway Accident Attorneys

Construction in New York often involves building “up.” Many buildings utilize stairways for people to move from floor to floor throughout the day. These stairways can often be unstable during, and sometimes even after, construction. Construction stairway falls can be tragic and involve serious injury because of the nature of the accident. Stairways on construction sites are very dangerous, especially on unfinished sites or sites that are not properly managed. If you have been injured in a construction stairway accident, don’t make the assumption that you must rely on workers’ compensation during this difficult time. You may have other options. If another contractor or a third-party was even partially responsible for your accident, you may be able to recover financial compensation.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, will work on your behalf to make the responsible party pay in full for their negligence.  Our experienced construction stairway fall attorneys have helped many construction workers who have suffered from slips, trips, and falls on stairways, and we want to put our skills to work for you. Our attorneys have nearly a century of combined experience fighting for construction accident victims, and we will fight for justice for you.

Common causes that lead to construction slips, trips, or falls on stairways

New York has enacted very strict laws for general contractors and other parties pertaining to the safety of construction workers.  General contractors, safety inspectors, and even property owners are held responsible for the safety on the job sites.  They do not have to be responsible for the accident itself but can be held liable.  If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, you can pursue a wide range of compensation.

Construction slips, trips, or falls on stairways happen for a variety of reasons but here are some of the most common:

  • Debris on the construction site: Debris on construction sites include remnants from cut wood, cement, wires, paper, etc., all of which can lead to a major trip or fall down the stairs. If a construction site manager failed to keep the area clean, they are liable for the injuries you sustained on the job.
  • Unfinished projects: While a project is under construction, incomplete structural elements, such as a staircase could cause a slip, trip, or fall. Construction site managers are responsible for overseeing the site and must ensure they safeguard against accidents.
  • Elements: When a building is under construction, it will be open to the elements. Snow and ice can quickly accumulate, increasing the possibility of slips, trips, or falls on stairways.  These substances must be removed from the area to ensure each worker’s safety.  If they were not properly dealt with and you suffered injuries, you have every right to pursue a claim.

Who can be held liable for construction slips, trips, or falls on stairways?

physical impairmentIf you have taken precautions to ensure your safety yet still managed to sustain injuries on a construction site stairway, then you may be able to pursue a claim. If you are eligible for workers’ compensation, then New York law prohibits you from pursuing a claim against your employer. However, they may not be the only party responsible for the safety of the job site. Many times, there are other contractors on the job that can be unintentionally negligent. General contractors and property owners are responsible for the safety of the employees on the job site. If a safety inspector is present, they may also be held liable. If you have sustained injuries in a construction stairway fall, and are not sure if you can pursue a claim, the best thing to do is seek legal counsel. The New York construction stairway accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, are always happy to sit down and evaluate a claim. They will take the time to listen to your story and present you with all of your options.

Can I pursue a claim if I am collecting workers’ compensation?

Many times, you can. If another party was at least partially responsible for your injuries, you may be able to pursue financial compensation. Workers’ compensation was put in place to help with medical expenses and lost wages in the event of a worksite injury. However, these resources can be quickly exhausted with serious injuries that require extensive medical care, and it is often necessary to explore other options. A third-party civil suit can help recover further damages to ease the financial burden during this difficult time.

What types of damages can I recover after a construction stairway fall?

Please keep in mind that each case is different and treated on an individual basis. The type and amount of damages that can be recovered in a construction stairway fall will vary with the injuries sustained, the parties involved, and the severity of the injuries. Many times we can help recover damages for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, physical impairment, and more. In cases where extreme negligence or willful disregard can be proven, we can often recover pain and suffering as well.

Why do you need a New York construction stairway accident attorney after a slip, trip, or fall on construction stairways?

If you have sustained serious injuries due to a slip, trip, or fall on stairways at a construction site, you need an attorney who can assist you, evaluate your claim, and fight for your rights. When you sustain a serious injury on a construction site, swift action is necessary to ensure that you’re fully compensated. The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, will help you preserve your rights, investigate thoroughly to establish responsibility, and fight diligently for every dollar that you deserve for your injuries. Establishing liability can be difficult at times, and these types of claims can be complicated, so you need an experienced construction accident attorney to help you navigate the legal system and resolve your case as quickly as possible.

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slip, trip, or fallIf you or a loved one has suffered injuries due to a slip, trip, or fall on of a construction site, contact us to schedule a free initial case evaluation. We offer personal attention and professional representation every step of the way. We will fight diligently to get you full compensation for your injuries. The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, has gained a solid reputation as a hardworking and honest firm that gets results for their clients.  If you are searching for aggressive representation, then you need The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, working on your behalf.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve.  You can call the toll free number at (877) 675-4529 to set up your initial consultation, or you can fill out our consultation request form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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