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Here’s how to find the best construction accident lawyer in New York

Workers at construction, demolition and renovation sites have a hazardous occupation in which they are exposed to many potential dangers that can cause injuries. As a result, powerful and protective laws have been passed to help injured workers receive the compensation they deserve.

Top-rated NYC construction accident lawyer Michael S. Lamonsoff and his firm use these laws to hit the responsible companies where it hurts them the most: their wallets. Our results-driven attitude to win for our construction accident clients has resulted in obtaining some of the largest verdicts and settlement awards in New York. Our firm has won more than $500 Million in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our job is to fight for each and every one of our clients, and to provide the most aggressive, the most assertive and the most professional service that we can, in order to, in some small way, compensate our clients for what they have lost as a result of the accident that they have had

Michael S. Lamansoff

Construction Accident Lawyer NYC

What compensation am I entitled to if I get injured in a construction accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured on a construction site, you may be facing not only physical injuries but also significant money losses. Injured construction workers can seek their lost wages and payment of their medical bills from Workers Compensation. However, when it comes to lost pay it is wholly inadequate compared to what they were earning while working before the date of the accident.

As a result, New York State has powerful laws to hold owners and general contractors responsible for work site accidents.  These laws are known as the New York State Labor Law, Sections 240, 241(6), and 200. The laws severely punish landowners, general contractors and subcontractors who choose speed over the safety of workers at their worksites, in violation of OSHA and Building Department Codes.

Hear From Michael and a Construction Accident Victim

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MSL Construction Accident Client Testimonial

“This is my second time using the Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff. The first time was when I was involved in an auto accident in 2000. This time, I was injured at work and because of how well things turned out previously, I couldn't have thought of a better lawyer to retain.

I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone who is fighting for their rights and justice. Whether you were involved in an auto accident or injury at work, he is the best person to fight for your case.

While the process was time-consuming, it was well worth the wait. Michael and his staff put their hearts and energy completely into their clients' cases. I knew from the start that I would be in good hands, but I am once again beyond pleased with the outcome. There were positive life changing results for me and there could be for you, too!”

-Los Aviles

If you’ve been injured, you need the best possible legal assistance – and our clients will tell you: we are the best! More than 500 reviews on Google, AVVO and Facebook give the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC, a Top Rating in New York City, demonstrating Michael Lamonsoff as one the best construction accident attorneys in NYC

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Union workers are among those protected

Some of our past and present clients are members of local building and construction trade unions including:

  • Construction and General Building Laborers Local 79
  • Laborers Local 78
  • Carpenters Local 157
  • Pavers & Roadbuilders Local 1010
  • Timbermen & Dockbuilders Local 1556
  • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1
  • Elevator Constructors Local 1
  • Concrete Carpenters Local 212
  • Laborers Local 66
  • Cement & Concrete Workers Local 6A
  • Tile Marble & Terrazzo B.A.C. Local 7
  • Iron Workers Local 580
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 28
  • Metallic Lathers Local 46
  • Electrical Workers Local 3
  • Plumbers Local 1
  • Carpenters Local 45
  • Steamfitters Local 638
  • Building Concrete, Excavation & Common Laborers Local 731
  • Asbestos Workers Local 12A
  • Heat & Frost Insulators Local 12
  • Concrete Workers Local 20
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local 137
  • Carpenters Local 926

Why do Michael’s clients call him “The Bull?”

Michael says that the answer is simple: “I never stop fighting for my clients until I win. The only acceptable result for me is a victory for them – and they love me for it.”

What if I am an undocumented worker and suffered a construction injury?

Many undocumented workers who are injured are afraid to bring a claim because of their immigration status. Your undocumented status cannot be considered in determining whether you are entitled to worker’s compensation or your right to bring a personal injury lawsuit. You should know that even if your immigration status is undocumented, if you are injured, you have exactly the same rights as other New York City workers.

Whether you are an American citizen, a documented immigrant or an undocumented immigrant, if you are injured while working on a construction site, you are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. If your injury happened because of negligence, you have the right to bring a lawsuit to seek compensation for your injuries. 

If you have been hurt, you should not let anyone persuade you to give up your legal right to receive help from an experienced construction accident attorney in New York.

Your status is protected and cannot be reported to the authorities or used in any way to prevent you from using the courts to seek justice.

Construction Accident Injury

Construction injuries and fatalities are increasing in New York City

Construction in New York City is growing at an unprecedented rate. Buildings are being constructed or renovated in every borough, and on every street. 

Alarmingly, at the same time as this boom in construction, there’s been an even larger increase in the amount of serious and fatal construction accidents. Even with substantial advances in safety equipment and safety technology, construction sites are more dangerous now than they have ever been. In fact, the statistics show that people are five times more likely to be injured on a site now than they were five years ago.

Why have fatal and serious construction accidents skyrocketed in the last five years?

The answer is that the landowners and contractors who build these buildings are not using the safety equipment and the safety protocols that are available to them.  

Serious and fatal accidents always spark state and federal investigations into the site, and the results over the last five years have always been the same: the accidents were avoidable.

By using proper safety equipment and protocols, the landowners, contractors and subcontractors could have completely prevented the accident. In accident after accident, it has been found that the workers were not provided with proper safety equipment, safety training, or proper safety tools, or that proper safety protocols were not used by those responsible.

In short, the landowners and contractors are choosing profit through speed of construction over the safety of their own workers. 

It is this casual disregard for the safety and well-being of the workers that has Mr. Lamonsoff so incensed, and so ready to fight for each and every injured worker. When construction workers are injured because of the negligence of another person or company, Michael S. Lamonsoff helps them use the court system to obtain justice.

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