Two people were struck and killed on the train tracks in Queens, NY last night.  According to reports, the victims were both in their early 20s and were pronounced dead on the tracks near the Hollis station at 3:00 this morning.  They were found under the 1:46am LIRR train from Ronkonkoma, which would have arrived at Penn Station at 3:05am had it not been stopped.

Police investigation and clean-up of the scene was complete at Hollis Station by 5:30am.  The bodies were removed by the medical examiner.  Police have not yet disclosed any suspicions as to the reason the victims were on the tracks at the time the train arrived.

No passengers aboard the train were injured.  They were transferred to another train to continue their journey and the route itself suffered 20 to 30 minute delays until returning to normal service this morning around 8:00 am.

There has been a sharp spike in the number of train accidents in the last few years.  This spike may not be solely coincidental.  It may be the result not only of negligence but a trend of a laxity in regulation adherence and safety control.

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff currently represents the victims of many of the recent train disasters that have made media headlines, including the Metro-North train disaster, the Philadelphia derailment, and the Halifax derailment – all of which caused countless injuries as well as deaths.

In the case of one Metro-North disaster, many passengers inside the train were seriously injured following a collision with a motor vehicle that had come to a stop on the tracks.  Oftentimes the most severe injuries occur when the train passengers are jolted from their seats or hit with flying luggage and other debris that is sent flying from the shock of the collision.  For example, when a person falls into a piece of wood or steel furniture that is bolted to the floor of a train car, it can cause life-threatening trauma to the body.

Many of our clients that are train accident victims have found their lives changed forever by the injuries they sustained in their railroad accident.  In the case of one of our clients, 55-year-old dentist and retired army colonel, Denise Williams, the injuries were so severe that it has cost Ms. Williams her career, her mobility, and even her independence, as she now needs assistance to manage many day-to-day tasks.

In light of the recent unprecedented regularity of train accidents, the train accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff is monitoring this most recent tragedy in Queens in light of apparent trends negligence, laxity of adhering to regulations and safety control.  Of course, we extend our condolences to the families of the victims of the latest train accident in Queens.