The eyeball is a very sensitive part of the body, which makes it more susceptible to injury. A few of these physical injuries are so serious they can even lead to the loss of vision. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reported that physical damage to the eye can occur from something smaller than the head of a pin. Injuries to the eye can be caused by almost anything; some common examples are: scrap, waste, debris, chemical products, persons, plants, animals, minerals, and even welding torches.

Regrettably, New York City construction sites are still responsible for more than 10,600 eye injuries each year that force construction workers to miss work. Employees in the construction industry are often dealing with nails, tiny pieces of metal, splinters, the mixing of cement, sawing, grinding, and chipping which all produce dust and grit. The dangerous tools associated with construction sites give the industry a higher rate of eye injuries compared to any other work place.  Other reported industries with high rates of eye injuries include electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters and steamfitters, and carpenters.

How can I protect myself from such an injury?

Fortunately, the Occupations Safety and Health Administration has required employees to wear approved and properly fitted eye-wear when working on construction sites. This protective eye-wear should be more than a face shield and should cover the sides of your face. Your employer is required to give you proper training and eye protection needed for completing the tasks that could lead to the possibility of an eye injury.

Possible Types of Work Injuries Related to the Eye

There are several types of work injuries related to the eye that may lead to a claim against a third party. These kinds of injuries are physical and include: chemical eye burns, the invasion of foreign bodies, blunt trauma injuries, allergic conjunctivitis, eye diseases associated with ultraviolet radiation exposure, and computer use disorders.

What Can I Do If I Received an Eye Injury At Work?

If you have received an eye injury on the job, it is likely that your employer failed to give you the proper protection and training that is required for the completion of the task. There are both state and federal regulations in place to protect employees from harm. If you have been injured on the job, you may have a claim against a third party who can be held accountable to pay for any medical expenses, loss time at work, and your pain and suffering. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately to get the relief that you deserve! The attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC are experienced in the field and are dedicated to getting our clients the compensation that they are entitled to.