A disturbing video has recently surfaced of Chicago Aviation Officers dragging a passenger out of his seat and off of an airplane. Dr. David Dao, 69, and three others were told they needed to get off the flight to make room for United Airline employees. The airline said that they would “re-accommodate” him and the others on the next available flight, which was the next day. Dr. Dao insisted that he needed to stay on the flight he paid for because it was necessary that he treat his patients the next day. The officers then grabbed him out of his seat and pulled him down the aisle even when he had visible injuries.

Police officers are only allowed to use reasonably necessary force under the circumstances. These aviation officers are state-certified police officers and have been through the same required training as any other police officer in the state. An Aviation Department spokeswoman stated to the press that “…Sunday’s incident was not within standard operating procedures nor will we tolerate that kind of action.” Three officers are on administrative leave while the department conducts its investigation.

Why does police brutality happen?
NYC is one of the busiest and most populated cities in the world with the world’s largest police force. We rely on police officers to “protect and serve.” While most police officers fulfill their duties, others have used their badge to harm citizens. Some of the causes of police brutality are high tensions and distrust between police officers and the community. Poor police training is another reason why police brutality occurs. Officers without proper training in de-escalation tend to escalate situations when they should not.

When does police brutality occur?
It occurs when a police officer uses excessive force. Police brutality cases can arise when someone is wrongfully arrested or not arrested according to protocol. Even if you are arrested within reason, excessive force might still be used against you during or after your arrest. Police misconduct can also occur when a person is handcuffed too tightly or is physically harmed when a police officer thinks no one is looking. It can be frightening and intimidating when thinking about bringing a case against an officer for police brutality. However, just because police officers enforce the law does not make them above the law. If a police officer uses excessive force, the victim of their police brutality has the right to bring a claim against them and to be given justice.

What are the effects of police brutality?
Victims of police brutality can suffer both mentally and physically. Bruising, broken bones, scarring, concussions, and temporary or permanent physical impairment are just some of the physical consequences of police misconduct. A victim can still walk away with mental injuries even when there is no physical harm. Those who have experienced police brutality commonly suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These violent incidents may force victims to have to deal with PTSD for a lifetime.
What do I do if this happens to me or someone I know?
If you or a loved may have been a victim of police misconduct, you need to find the right attorney who will fight to bring you justice. The elite team of attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff is dedicated to fighting for the rights of police brutality victims. We believe that you deserve to have an experienced team by your side. Our attorneys will work hard to get you the full and fair compensation you are rightfully owed.