Michael Lamonsoff was interviewed by Newsday this week regarding the wrongful death case of Kimberly Calo. Mr. Lamonsoff’s firm, the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, represents the Calo family in a civil lawsuit for the negligent death of Ms. Calo.

In 2009, Kimberly Calo, a Long Island resident, accompanied Nicole Zobqiw to visit Zobkiw’s mistress, Thomas Hoey, Jr., at the Luxury Manhattan hotel, Kitano.  Thomas Hoey, Jr., better known as the “Banana King” is the scion of a produce empire based out of Long Island.

At the hotel, Hoey plied her with drugs and attempted to engage in a threesome with Ms. Calo and Ms. Zobiw.  During the encounter, Ms. Calo overdosed.  The overdose, along with Mr. Hoey’s refusal to seek medical help or alert security, resulted in Ms. Calo’s death.

The apparent motivation behind Mr. Hoey’s refusal to assist Ms. Calo as she turned blue and began to convulse appears to have been self preservation.  His negligence has resulted in the current trial for Ms. Calo’s alleged wrongful death.

Subsequently, he was charged with numerous felonies including obstruction of justice and witness tampering.  His actions delayed justice in both his civil and criminal cases against him.  Presently, Hoey is awaiting federal sentencing after pleading guilty to illegally distributing narcotics.  Mr. Hoey was also recently convicted of evidence tampering arising out of an incident in which he allegedly battered another woman.  He was sentenced to one to four years in a New York State Penitentiary.

Hoey is currently being held in Riker’s Island prison while he awaits sentencing.  In discussing his case with other Riker’s inmates, “the banana king” reportedly laughed and made comments that he wished he could have had sex with the victim again before she died.

In speaking with Newsday, Mr. Lamonsoff was quoted as saying that Hoey’s remarks were “outrageous and despicable,” as well as “indicative of his callous disregard for human life and his disgusting dehumanization of women.”

The full article may be seen here.

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