A Syracuse man is suing city police, claiming officers brutalized him after he called 911 to break up a dispute outside his residence.

Syracuse.com writes:

Alonzo Grant returned home from work at 7:30 p.m. one Saturday night. He found his adult daughter in a verbal argument with a woman who lived nearby. Things escalated, so he called police to calm things down, his lawyer said.

But by the time police arrived, his daughter had left. Grant told an officer the dispute was over, then walked back into his house, said Syracuse lawyer Jesse Ryder.

The officer entered the residence, the lawyer said, and told Grant to go outside and talk to another officer.

As Grant walked down the front steps, he claims the officer charged him without warning, grabbed him in a bear hug and flung him over a railing before putting him in a chokehold as another officer struck him repeatedly with his fist.

Grant, 53, of 105 Hudson St., suffered a concussion, broken nose and cut lip in the June 28 incident at his residence, said Charles Bonner, a San Francisco-area civil rights attorney also working on his behalf. The incident left Grant traumatized.

He was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and harassing and annoying police. He spent a night in the county jail for what Bonner says were “false” charges.

Grant’s lawyers believe that police figured he was causing trouble and decided to subdue him. In fact, Grant was not part of the dispute and did not resist in any way, his lawyers said.

Bonner called on Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick to dismiss the charges against Grant. The case was adjourned today in City Court so the DA’s office could decide how to proceed. Prosecutors declined comment.

Grant is a 30-year employee of St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center who works seven days a week and has been married for the past 28 years. He has no criminal record, his lawyers said.

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