Scaffolds are temporary structures that are commonly used on the outside of buildings and construction sites to build, repair or clean buildings.

Serious, even fatal injuries occur when these scaffolds are not properly inspected or installed. Construction workers on scaffoldings face daily risks of easily falling from these structures if they are not properly supported. Regulations set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are designed to prevent or minimize the risk of a scaffolding accident.

New York Requirements according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration):

  1. 1. Each Scaffold shall be capable of supporting, without failure, its own weight and at least 4 times the maximum intended load applied or transmitted to it.
  2. 2. All Scaffolds and planks must be supported with a secure footing which should be fully planked
  3. 3. Inspections must be conducted regularly
  4. 4. Employers are responsible for the training of each employee in regards to scaffolding hazards and procedures Inspections must be conducted regularly
  5. 5. Unstable object like barrels, boxes, loose bricks, or concrete blocks may not be used to support scaffolds
  6. 6. Guys, ties, and braces shall be installed according to the scaffold manufacturer’s recommendations
  7. 7. Guardrails, crossbracing, and midrails must be installed according to their recommended measures

New York’s labor laws are favorable to protect workers who are injured as a result of a scaffolding accident. Unfortunately, employers sometimes ignore these regulations and laws to avoid costs and to save time on projects. These employers choose to profit without considering the safety of their employees who will be working on the scaffolds. New York City’s rising demand for new buildings and real estate is also causing a steady, neglected rise in deaths and injuries at the city’s numerous construction sites.

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