A Fort Lauderdale construction worker has died after a beam fell, striking him and injuring two others.

WPLG Local 10 reports:

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was called to the construction site at 2601 S. Andrews Ave., in Fort Lauderdale, shortly before 8 a.m.

When crews arrived they realized a beam had fallen, injuring the three men. “Upon arrival, the crews saw that there was some kind of collapse and that there were two critically injured patients,” said Fort Lauderdale Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Heiser.

A worker who was on the scene described the moments of the accident. “I heard it and everybody started running toward the ladder,” said construction worker Mark Straley, “and then that’s when I took off toward the ladder too because it’s like a domino effect. If something falls and hits something, then that could keep going and boom, boom, boom. Pretty scary, you never know what is going to happen.”

“I guess a connector came loose, the connector popped,” said Straley. “I guess, when the crane operator took the weight off of it, it collapsed.”

The three victims were transported to Broward Health. One of the workers was pronounced dead upon arrival while the other two are being treated at the hospital where one has been listed as critical.

“When something like that happens on a job like this, it could be like … if braces give … if some of the braces could’ve give way, the walls could’ve started coming down,” said Straley.

The third construction worker was treated for minor injuries. “They were giving CPR to one guy, and one guy broke his ankle and messed something else up pretty bad,” said Straley. “His head was pretty bad, bleeding.”

The construction site has been shut down while officials continue to investigate what could have caused the beam to fall. The construction company, Miller Construction, also said they will be holding their own investigation.

The construction company also said their thoughts and prayers are with those affected. “I feel sorry for those guys that happened to them,” said Straley.

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