A worker who fell 24 stories down an open elevator shaft on Tuesday afternoon has died from his injuries.

The victim was 25-year-old Christian Ginesi.  Ginesi was tasked with installing an elevator door frame on an incomplete elevator mechanism at the construction site.  Workers described the elevator as “an empty hole” with very little work having been done to it at this stage of the construction projecte.

The victim and another worker were ascending to the installation site when the lift car stalled, stranding them approximately 5 feet above the landing of the 24th floor.

The two workers decided to jump from the lift car to the landing.  The other worker successfully made the jump, but Mr. Ginesi lost his footing and tumbled backward into the shaft.  It took rescue workers around 20 minutes to retrieve Mr. Ginesi from the cellar of the building, where the shaft ended.  He was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition, where he died from his injuries shortly thereafter.

The elevator accident occurred around 12:40pm.  Mr. Ginesi was pronounced dead around 1:26pm.

The construction site is the future home of a 30-story, 30,000-square-foot luxury hotel called Riu Hotel Times Square.  A full stop work order and a Class 1 aggravated ECB violation for failure to safeguard were issued on the day of the accident and are maintained as investigations are underway.

Complaints had been filed recently for the construction site, primarily for unsanctioned after-hours work.  In addition, previous elevator accident caused the site to be shut down in July of 2013 when a worker fell from the fifth floor to the second floor during a demolition.  Work was stopped in that month due to a ruling of unsafe work environment.  Inspection pointed to several safety failings, such as the lack of guard railings around floor openings.

Following this incident, the site was shut down due to unsafe conditions again in May and September of 2014, with reasons including faulty scaffolding support and workers without proper safety training.  Again, in December, an elevator railing fell onto a worker’s foot, causing another complaint.

The NY Daily News reports that G-Tech, the elevator firm that employed Mr. Ginesi is not licensed to perform work in New York City.  The article goes on to say that a second firm, UTU Elevator, is listed as the subcontractor for the site and is qualified to perform work in the city.  This licensing violation is currently under investigation with the Department of Buildings.

Falls are the most common type of construction accident.  Severe injuries and even death can result from falls on hazardous construction sites, especially those with a history of violating OSHA regulations in regards to jobsite and worker safety.

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