Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. It is the second-costliest hurricane in United States history, second only to Hurricane Katrina. The storm caused roughly $50 billion in damage and resulted in at least 147 deaths. More than three years after the storm, there are still hundreds of houses throughout New York that have yet to be rebuilt. In response to the damages, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio created the Build It Back program to rebuild homes damaged or destroyed by Sandy. In October 2015, de Blasio announced that the program will be complete by the end of 2016. While the program has done a lot to help New Yorkers rebuild their homes, Build It Back had a setback in June 2016 when the second story of a house in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn fell over. The exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation.  Residents, however, have been quoted by ABC 7 saying that “a little wind came and knocked the house over,” and “it’s a good thing houses are being rebuilt, but are they being rebuilt correctly?” Unfortunately, construction accidents occur far too often in New York. NYC is currently undergoing a huge amount of construction, including the rebuilding of damaged homes, building and repair of apartment complexes, and new commercial office buildings. Due to the number of ongoing construction projects, there is an increased risk of injuries caused by construction accidents. When construction projects go wrong, construction workers are most at risk of getting hurt in an accident.


Whether an accident or the result of negligent safety standards, construction workers face the risk of serious injury or death whenever at a construction site. Building occupants and bystanders can also be affected when they are close to poorly-managed construction. The most common types of accidents include: – Falls from high platforms. Construction workers frequently need to work at high elevations; climbing scaffolding or ladders is a necessary part of their job. A fall from heights can result in catastrophic injuries, possibly even death. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls account for nearly 40% of accidents on construction sites. – Slips and falls. Uneven ground, holes, tools, wires, and wet surfaces are home to most construction sites. If negligently placed or left unattended, construction workers and passersby can slip and suffer an injury. – Electrocution. Wires and electrical systems often remain exposed to the elements until installation is complete at a construction site. This leaves a great risk of electrocution to those working around the exposed systems. – Struck by falling objects. There is always the risk of an object falling at a construction site. Tools, machinery, debris, wood, and a variety of other heavy, sharp objects can easily fall from heights, causing serious and life-altering injuries to those struck. – Getting stuck. Construction workers are constantly working with large machines, and can run the risk of becoming wedged between heavy equipment. These accidents typically occur when large machines fall onto people or become dislodged and trap workers. – Fires and explosions. Gas lines, pipes, electrical wires, flammable liquids, and explosives are common on most construction sites. These substances require little more than a spark to cause a fire or explosion. This can quickly cause extensive damage to nearby people and buildings. – Vehicle accidents. Construction projects often require powerful, earthmoving equipment vehicles, which can cause considerable damage due to their size. The risk of a vehicle accident at a construction site is an unfortunate reality.


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