A construction worker was killed today in a crane collapse in Mahattan’s Midtown.  A mechanical failure on the hydraulic system of the crane caused the boom to collapse on the driver of the truck.  40-year-old Trevor Loftus was trapped between the boom and the truck and was declared dead on the scene by the FDNY.  The boom crane was reportedly being moved by the truck at the time of the accident.

Reports say Loftus’ body was still on the sidewalk at the scene an hour after the collapse.  He was reportedly clutching his cell phone in his hand.

A witness told the NY Daily News that “everybody went crazy.  The working guys – they were trying to help him.”

The site of the construction accident is on 219 E 44th Street, between second and third avenues.  The property is owned by Raber Enterprises on Canal Street and is being developed into the 35-story Even Hotel.

The FDNY responders used jacks to lift the boom off of the deceased construction worker, but were unable to revive him.  FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Carlsen said, “The hydraulics malfunctioned, and the victim was caught between the boom and the flatbed itself.  We came on the scene, he was trapped in there.”

A stop work order has been issued for the site while the accident is investigated.  Ironically, Mr. Loftus was a crane safety coordinator for Kenry Contracting of Yonkers, the company he owned.

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