Three construction workers and a pedestrian were injured on Wednesday when a pair of construction vehicles on a site in Newfield, New York collided. 34-year-old Bradley Berggren and 24-year-old Sean Redman were workers on the site while the third injured man, 65-year-old Johnny Sill, was a resident in the area. Mr. Sill and Mr. Berggren were airlifted to Robert Packer Hospital via helicopter for immediate treatment of their injuries and remain in critical condition, while Mr. Redman’s injuries were more minor and he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The cause of the collision appears to be an engine malfunction on a large fork truck, which was operated by Mr. Redman at the time of the accident. The brakes and steering of the truck failed leaving operator helpless to prevent the large industrial vehicle from careening down a hill, striking the other two victims, and colliding with a dump truck. The collision sent both vehicles into a large hole on the worksite where laborers were installing new culvert pipe.

News outlets reported the vehicles still stranded in the hole for several hours after the scene as an all effort was focused on getting the three injured men into medical care. The Newfield town supervisor, Jeff Hart, told WBNG news, “You can’t help but feel touched just because everybody’s so close here, and you hate to see anybody get hurt. They all went to work today just to get the job done, and do the best that they could for the residents of the area.”

The incident occurred on the intersection of Shaffer and Bower roads at around 11:20am on Wednesday morning. State police, Tompkins County Sherriff’s deputies, Bangs Ambulance, and Newfield firefighters responded to the scene. At the current time, there are no OSHA or local investigations taking place at the worksite in response to this accident and there does not appear to be a stop work order in place.

The work being performed at the worksite is to supplant a box culvert that was replaced during flooding that occurred in June. It is much larger than the previous culvert, around 10 feet across, and was reportedly due for replacement at the time that the flood destroyed it. Mr. Hart told the Ithaca Journal that “everything was going smooth until today.”

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