The Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff is already representing one victim of Sunday’s Midtown crane collapse after an air conditioning unit weighing several tons fell nearly 30 stories onto a busy Manhattan street.  The firetruck-sized air conditioning unit was secured to a crane, which was delivering it to the top floor of 261 Madison Avenue, when a primary cable securing the unit to the crane snapped.

During the fall, the unit slammed into the building, showering glass, metal, and even office furniture onto the street below before ultimately crashing into the pavement.  2 workers and 8 passersby were reported injured from the incident, though none were reported to be in critical condition.

A tourist who witnessed the collapse told MSNBC, “It was like a train car fell off the side of the building.  We heard a loud noise and then we saw it dislodge from the side of the building.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement shortly after the collapse saying that it was fortunate that the accident happened during a time of minimal foot traffic in the area, which is primarily commercial and much more densely occupied during the week.

As of press time, the cause of the failed cable is still unknown, and may have been due to operator error or mechanical malfunction.  The Department of Buildings has an ongoing investigation into the matter after approving the installation of a mobile crane at the site back on May 4th.  As of Sunday’s incident, no open complaints or Environmental Control Board violations relating to safety issues were active for the construction site.

Commissioner of the NYC building department Rick Chandler told Newsday that, “The crane [appeared to be] in good working order.  We do track all cranes around the city . . . we’ll be investigating that specific device as thoroughly as possible.”

The crane was cleared and removed from the site of the accident on Sunday, with major debris clearing operations underway to accommodate rush hour traffic for Monday morning.

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