The Law Offices of Michael S Lamonsoff would like to extend our condolences to all affected by today’s shocking building collapse in the East Village.

Around 3:15pm on Thursday, March 26, a building collapsed in the East Village.  The collapse is being described by witnesses and the media as an explosion.  In addition to the confusion relating to smoke and fire, there are as many as 30 reported injuries, including at least one “critical” injury confirmed by the FDNY.

As of the time of this release, two large fires are still raging at the buildings caught in the explosion.  The area included several retail businesses, including a nail salon and a women’s clothing store.  These businesses were open for business at the time of the collapse.

The New York Post is quoting a source as saying, “day laborers … told cops they had been working on a gas line inside the kitchen, and there were 911 reports of possible gas leak just before the blast.”

Around 4pm, the FDNY upgraded the 2-alarm emergency attributed to this collapse to 7-alarms.

The Law Offices of Michael Lamonsoff has represented the victims of similar tragedies, including many of the victims of the Harlem Gas explosion last March, in which building collapses claimed the lives of several and injured many more.

As of press time, we continue to await breaking news.