It is always important to be respectful when dealing with the police, but people should also not be subject to abuse or have their rights violated.  A new development in law enforcement promises to have a substantial impact on policing: body cameras.  Body cameras record the interactions of the police with the general public.  In New York City over a thousand officers will soon be wearing the new cameras, and eventually they will all be wearing them.
Body cameras can be good for officers and members of the public alike.  They provide objectivity and accountability in case of accusations of misconduct.  In a survey conducted by over seventy percent of officers surveyed said they favored the implementation of this new technology, although some officers were concerned that their use might result in a lack of privacy.
The American Civil Liberties Union has endorsed body cameras in a white paper published several years ago.  As they noted there, it is important that officers not be able to prevent the body cams from recording—or for police departments to adopt policies limiting public access to the body cameras’ footage.
Elsewhere in New York State the use of body cameras has been rising as well, although in many cases police may also choose not to wear them.  Studies have shown that body cameras can affect police officers’ behavior by causing them to be more accountable and respectful to members of the public.
It is crucial to be vigilant against injustice.  If you believe you have been subjected to police abuse you should consult an experienced and competent personal injury attorney immediately to vindicate your rights and get the recovery you deserve.