In September of last year, I was driving a limo for work and was struck by another car. I was kept overnight at Bellvue hospital with injuries to my neck, back, knees, and head. A fellow driver recommended Michael Lamonsoff to me very strongly - he said he was the BEST in the business. As soon as I left the hospital, he told me to call him. Right away, I called and they had me come in that same day. They gave me a ton of information and helped me find the right doctors, get the right treatment. I was educated on what I needed and given access to resources for things like physical therapy to get better. The employees at MSL followed every step of my recovery and kept me up to date on my case. I'm back at work now and my case has ended in a way I'm very happy with. I would recommend Michael to anyone. I trust him - he always FIGHTS for his clients, any decision he makes would be the best decision, I have absolute confidence letting him represent me.