While most individuals don’t envision spending their senior years in a nursing home, we do anticipate that these facilities should at least be able to offer us a basic level of expert care. It’s an unfortunate comprehension, then, that nursing homes neglect happens to residents. Ranging from neglect to flat-out mistreatment and abuse. The law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff represent families who have been the victims of nursing home negligence. We can promise you that you do have rights. Nursing homes that have caused injury to their residents deserve to be held accountable, and their victims deserve reparation for the wrongs that they have endured. What MSL Knows About Nursing Home Abuse The National Center on Adult Abuse offers resources on the frequency of abuse in nursing homes. Here are just a few of the figures:

  • In a report from 2000, 44% of nursing home tenants said they had been mistreated.
  • In the same report, 95% of residents said they had either been neglected or saw neglect in their own facility.
  • In a 2010 report, over half of nursing home workers surveyed admitted to mistreating their patients, either through neglect, violence or mental manipulation.
  • The three prominent kinds of nursing home abuse complaints were physical abuse, abuse by another occupant and psychological abuse.

Likely Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

  • Negligence – This can consist of ignoring a patient altogether or overall inattention to the well-being and overall condition of a patient.
  • Starvation – Failing to appropriately feed a patient can result in a declined state of health. This abuse includes a total failure to offer food or habitually allowing them to miss meals.
  • Inappropriate, Infrequent or Lack of Meds – It is the job of a nursing home’s personal to administer a patient’s medicine in a timely fashion. If there is a shortage of proper medication, or if a team member is providing the incorrect medications, then that staff is being negligent in their care for the patient.
  • Bodily Abuse – Physical or bodily abuse includes grabbing, shaking or striking residents.
  • Oral, Cerebral or Emotional Abuse – This consist of yelling, swearing, or over-all cruelty toward patients.
  • Social Media Exploitation in Nursing Homes – A Unsettling Breach of Privacy

Back in December of 2015, a company called ProPublica stated that nursing home workers were posting pictures and videos of residents on social media platforms that were “humiliating and dehumanizing.” In many cases, nursing home residents were shown to be nude or in compromising positions. These photographs and videos, many of which were the focus of a lawsuits, represented a huge breach in privacy of nursing home occupants. Nursing Home Abuse in the state of New York One instance of nursing home abuse in New York can be traced to the Mohawk Valley Health Care Center in Ilion, New York. The nursing home was blamed for covering up medication blunders and unlawful sexual behavior. The nursing home facility pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge and paid a hefty fine. In February of this year, state auditors condemned the New York Department of Health for being sluggish to fine poorly run nursing homes facilities. Officials also said that when fines do come, they are often too pathetic to deter further neglect and insufficient care. Pinpointing Neglect As you can see, abuse comes in many forms. If a helper has been verbally abusive, has unsuccessfully provided your loved one with the correct medication or nourishment, has tried to cover up an accident, or has been physically hostile, you may be entitled to take legal action for personal injury. But what if the victim of abuse lacks the appropriate faculties to communicate? The nursing home abuse attorneys at the law offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff have taken on these cases before, and we can offer you with a few red flags for negligence or mistreatment: Has someone you love Experienced… Quick weight gains or weight losses? Dehydration? An amplified frequency of sicknesses? Mysterious bruises or cuts? Bedsores? A change in character? A sudden fear of, or nervousness communicating around, nursing home staff? Does the nursing home Facility Seem… Less clean than you remember? Short-staffed? If you or a someone you love has grieved from nursing home cruelty and neglect, you can seek compensation for your injuries. Nursing homes often have schemes in place to defend against lawsuits, so it’s vital to have an experienced nursing home abuse attorney on your side. We have battled this fight before and we know the suitable course of action to take when representing your well-being. Contact us now to learn more about how we can support you.