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There is a significant difference between an accident involving a dump truck and an auto crash involving two cars or even an SUV or a pick-up truck. The most notable differences in these accidents are: the content of the dump truck's cargo, the trucking company’s potential negligence, and the high stakes of the insurance providers. These factors can complicate your pursuit of adequate financial compensation for your injuries and losses and also greatly increase your case value.

In New York, you can find dump trucks just about anywhere. They remove trash from residential areas and transport supplies from and to construction sites. Any misstep the dump truck driver makes can result in a catastrophic accident. In a collision with a big truck, people inside the smaller vehicle are more likely to sustain severe injuries or death.

New York's dump trucks are more dangerous than the average truck because of possible  design flaws. If you want to win your claim for damages after an accident with a dump truck, you need to understand these specifics and have an action plan ready. Our trusted and highly experienced dump truck accident lawyers in New York, led by attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff “The Bull” will leave no stone unturned to help you obtain your rightful compensation in these cases. CALL NOW to get started.

Car accident involving a dump truck

Distracted Dump Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies Cause Accidents in New York

Accidents often occur with dump trucks because of factors specific to the truck operator and the trucking company. New York dump trucks re-entering traffic lanes after leaving a construction zone have caused and will continue to cause incalculable minor accidents, devastating crashes, and massive pileups. Because they are local carriers, they are not bound by the standard working hours for commercial vehicles like 18-wheelers, you may also see them on busy streets or roads, exacerbating the consequences of an accident. 

Over their combined 100-plus years of experience, the dump truck accident attorneys in New York City at the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff have successfully taken on and defeated negligent truckers, at-fault dump truck companies, and third parties. We have obtained maximum compensation for New York dump truck accident victims and their families, providing them with the necessary resources to deal with injuries and losses.

Statute of Limitations for New York dump truck Accidents

You usually have a time limit of three years from the accident date to file a dump truck accident lawsuit in New York, this time period can be even shorter in certain circumstances, such as where a municipal vehicle is involved. These deadlines apply to personal injury, emotional distress, and property damage claims and make it vital that you consult with an attorney immediately.

Possible Damages You Can Claim in a Dump Truck Injury or Wrongful Death Case

Our skilled dump truck accident attorneys in New York will fight diligently on your behalf to obtain maximum financial compensation from the negligent parties. These are the possible damages:

Car accident on a road with one car flipped over

Personal Injury Cases: 

  • Current and potential medical costs, including Emergency Room visits, hospitalization, doctor consultations, prescription drugs, surgery, physical therapy, mental health counseling, assistive devices, PTSD treatment, and long-term rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Pain and suffering (both physical and emotional)
  • Current and future loss of income 
  • Disfigurement and scarring 
  • Mental anguish, fear or humiliation, anxiety
  • Property damage 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Modifications to the victim’s home in case of a disability 
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Garbage truck

Wrongful Death Cases:

Under New York laws, specific family members can claim wrongful death damages if their loved one perished in a dump truck accident due to someone’s fault:

  • Medical expenses from the decedent’s last injury
  • Pain and suffering the person may have experienced before death 
  • Loss of companionship 
  • Loss of care 
  • Loss of benefits and income 
  • Funeral or burial costs

Note: If the at-fault parties' actions were exceptionally egregious, such as driving drunk or other reckless driving behavior, our New York dump truck accident attorneys may also be able to recover punitive damages (exemplary damages), in addition to compensatory damages on your behalf.

Choose the Most Trusted and Skilled Dump Truck Accident Lawyers in New York

With the tenacious, determined, and knowledgeable attorneys from the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff in your corner, you can be assured of the best possible outcome in your case. We know the intricacies of New York's legal system and have the capabilities to handle large insurance providers and well-connected defendants in dump truck accident cases. We never falter or fail, and we never step back. 

Serious injuries arising from a dump truck accident can profoundly impact your life in the long term, and you need seasoned and resourceful attorneys like us who will fight tooth and nail for you. For a free and confidential consultation on the best course of action in your case, call the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff at 212-962-1020 contact us online.

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